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The Junior division is dependent upon the number of players registered. Teams will likely involve traveling for some games.  

Players can be 13-15 years old based on the little league age chart.  Players that are 15 years old on the little league age chart are not eligible to play in all stars.

Players that play participate on a high school team and meet the age requirements can participate in little league only after their high school season has completed.  The player would be eligible to try out for all stars if they play in 60% of the little league games they are eligible for (those games scheduled after the high school season has finished).  The player must be registered online for little league during the normal open registration time (January-February).

1.       Have team meet at the ballpark 30 minutes prior to game time for warm-ups.       

2.       Have your lineups ready 10 minutes prior to game time.

3.       Umpire is scheduled by the home team, and both teams will supply one new game ball.

4.       Be aware of the time... if you are the first of two games, do not start another inning if it will likely not finish before the second game is supposed to start.

5.       Three outs or five runs in an inning ends the inning; this will help with time and pitching frustration for the younger children. 5 runs is the MAX allowed in an inning unless it is the LAST inning of the game to which runs are unlimited. The last inning must be agreed upon by BOTH coaches prior to the beginning of said inning.

6. Players are allowed to lead off.  

7.  You will bat only your starting lineup, Mandatory Play is In effect. Min 1 at bat.

8.  Each player will play a minimum of 6 defensive outs.

9. There is no head first sliding.

10. There is NO automatic slide rule, however if a player intentionally runs into the fielder, they are Out. 


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