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Upon signing in each player will be assigned a number and wear it throughout the assessment. Each coach will have an excel spreadsheet with each player’s name and number on it.  There will be a column for fielding, throwing, catching, hitting, and pitching, as well as a comment box.  Each child will field 3-5 balls and throw them back to a coach, catch 3-5 balls thrown to different spots and throw them back to a coach, and take 5 swings off the tee. After this is done, pitchers will throw around 5 pitches. Coaches will rank each player 1-5 on each skill, with the exception of pitching (that is what the comment box is for).  At the end coaches will add the scores for each player to get one overall score.  We will allow 1-2 hours per division depending on the number of kids.

After the skills assessment each head coach will report their scores and each kid’s scores will be tallied up. Assistant Coaches may be present but only one score will be accepted per coaching pair.  For examples throughout we will assume we have 5 teams. Therefore if we have 5 coaches:  Billy is a 16, 17, 17, 16, 17 = 83 overall.  Jimmy is a 18, 18, 19, 18, 20 = 93 overall.  Scores are then sorted highest to lowest.  We draw numbers to see which coach drafts first for the first round.  All rounds after the first are drafted in order with the lowest overall team score going first. If there are 5 teams, then the top five scores are pulled to be drafted in each round.  However, coaches are not required to draft one of the top 5 for any given round.  A coach can draft below the top 5 available unless their kid is in the top 5.  Every round starts with the lowest total team score overall drafting first for that round.

Pitchers and catchers will be highlighted on the excel spreadsheet so all coaches know who they are. Coaches will be responsible for drafting pitchers and catchers at their own will.  For example, in the first round the top five scores may not include pitchers.  Coaches must decide what’s best for their team and may choose to draft a pitcher or catcher instead of one of the top scores for that round.  Ultimately the coach is responsible for their draft choices and making sure they get what they need for a balanced team. 

Coaches who have children playing will automatically get their child on their team.  Coaches are required to draft their child in whatever round they come up in the top 5 (using our 5 team example again). Therefore, their child may not necessarily be their first pick.  However, no other team can draft them.  If a coach and their assistant coach have 2 of their own kids that come up for draft in the same round, that coach will take both kids and forfeit their pick in the next round.  

If there are brothers or sisters playing in the same division, they should be drafted to the same team.  When a coach drafts the first of the two siblings, they will be required to draft the other sibling in whichever round they come up in the top 5. 

If a child is wanting to “play up” a division (either Super Minor or Majors) then they are required to attend the skills assessment and must have an overall average score of 12 (using our 1-5 scale) in order to be allowed to play up.  However, the number of players that can move up depends on the number of open spots in the division they are trying to move into in order to have equal teams in that division.

For kids that don’t show up we will have to rely on memory or the opinion of someone who knows them.  This isn’t optimal, but it is what it is.  A player trying to move up will not be moved if they do not attend unless they have contacted the Gaylord Little League Board to request a separate tryout prior to the skills assessment.

Our goal is for the draft to take 1-1.5 hours.  Coaches rankings and kids overall scores are not up for debate, and not meant for public knowledge.  Each coach is entitled to his/her own opinion.  This should not be an issue because we are allowing coaches to draft outside of the top kids for any given round. 


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